LEXA Kräutermischung Leber & Niere 500g

LEXA Kräutermischung Leber & Niere 500g

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The combination of special herbs with milk thistle seeds and birch leaves.


Nettle, 15 % birch leaves, 15 % milk thistle seeds, artichoke leaves, field horsetail, dandelion herb with root, sticky herb, burdock root, goldenrod.

Feeding recommendation:

Large horses: 30 to 50 g daily
Small horses, young horses: 15 to 30 g daily.

Give dry over the crib feed. Alternatively, it can be prepared as a tea or infusion:
Brew 30g LEXA® Herbal Blend Liver & Kidney with about 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for about 15 minutes, use warm or cooled.

Please observe the national and international doping regulations.

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