LEXA Micro-Kräuter-Mineral 4,5kg

LEXA Micro-Kräuter-Mineral 4,5kg

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Tasty, high-quality mineral feed for horses with light to medium work performance. Micro-herb mineral is specially adapted to low levels of selenium, zinc, and copper in the basic feed.

  • versatile for horses with light to medium work performance at low levels of trace elements in the basic feed
  • with high-quality algal lime for optimal bioavailability of the minerals
  • with natural vital substances such as diatomaceous earth, seaweed and brewer's yeast to support metabolism, the body's own defences, skin and coat
  • tasty due to natural herbs
  • with the extra plus of organic zinc, selenium and copper

Increasingly, the levels of the trace elements selenium, zinc and copper are severely depleted in basic feed, resulting in a typical nutritional deficiency of these valuable micronutrients that can severely limit overall vitality. Conventional mineral feeds cannot cover the supply with such marginal contents in the basic feed. For this low supply situation, we have specially enriched our mineral feed classic Herbal Mineral with the trace elements selenium, zinc and copper. This provides horses with light to medium work performance with a reliable and high-quality mineral supply, even with low levels of these trace elements in the basic feed. As a vital mineral source, Micro-Kräuter-Mineral contains metabolically active algal lime and is additionally enriched with the organic trace elements zinc, copper, selenium and manganese to ensure optimum biological availability. Special herbs, brewer's yeast and diatomaceous earth reliably support skin metabolism and ensure a shiny coat. Seaweed additionally provides valuable micro-minerals and can thus support the overall vitality in a natural and proven way.

Ideally suited for:

  • all breeds
  • Horses and ponies with light to medium work load


Wheat semolina bran, monocalcium phosphate, alfalfa meal, carbonated algal lime, corn gluten meal, sugar beet molasses, sodium chloride, wheat bran, magnesium oxide, brewer's yeast, seaweed, canola oil, Icelandic moss, marshmallow root, black cumin, mallow blossoms, peppermint, elder blossoms, lime blossoms, fenugreek seeds, spruce shoots, garlic, cowslip, sage leaves, anise, fennel.

Feeding recommendation:

Daily 20 g per 100 kg body weight.

Large horses: 90 to 150 g per day
Small horses, ponies: 40 to 80 g per day.

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