Marstall Champion 20kg
Marstall Champion 20kg

Marstall Champion 20kg

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marstall Champion is an oat-free "high-energy" structured muesli that helps your horse gain strength and endurance, especially during competition phases and the show season, and provides it with sufficient energy and all the necessary vitamins and minerals, especially during high-performance sporting phases.


  • especially high vitamin E content
  • oat-free
  • with brewer's yeast and apple pomace
  • with high-quality Ω- 3- fatty acid-rich vegetable oils
  • with high content of minerals and vitamins
  • with alfalfa, the structure of which ensures more intensive chewing and good retention of nutrients
  • with natural herbs in rubbed form as tasty vital substances
  • quickly available "extra energy
  • supports digestion
  • vital and nutritious composition
  • extremely tasty due to special herb mixture

marstall Champion is particularly suitable

  • for all those disciplines such as dressage, jumping, military, driving and racing sports
  • for the ration design of sensitive and nervous horses
  • for upgrading or optimizing any performance ration

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