Marstall Condicion 20kg
Marstall Condicion 20kg

Marstall Condicion 20kg

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marstall Condición is a horse feed developed along the lines of the traditional feeding of southern horse breeds, making it especially suitable for Baroque and Iberian breeds.


  • Amino acids in pure form
  • extra rich in crude fiber that promotes purchase
  • with Ω-3-fatty acid rich oil
  • with extra high quality protein
  • with essential amino acids (added in pure form)
  • with healthy oats
  • with easily digestible, hydrothermally digested corn and barley flakes
  • with organic selenium
  • rich in antioxidant vitamin E
  • rich in copper and zinc
  • more reduced
  • much structure

marstall Condición is especially suitable

  • for expressive and well-formed horses
  • for a strong temperament
  • for a beautiful coat, an impressive mane and healthy hooves
  • for the development and maintenance of healthy muscles

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