marstall Hafer schwarz-gold 25kg
marstall Hafer schwarz-gold 25kg

marstall Hafer schwarz-gold 25kg

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marstall Hafer schwarz-gold is a natural horse feed that provides your animal with plenty of energy and gives them new joy of movement.


  • 50% more dust-free than other oat products
  • consists of 2/3 yellow oats and 1/3 black oats
  • contains a high percentage of protein and abundant unsaturated fatty acids
  • high liter weight (560 grams per liter)
  • easily digestible
  • with mucilage to promote digestion
  • stimulates the chewing activity of horses

marstall Hafer schwarz-gold is particularly suitable

  • as a staple food, as it is the most digestible and digestible for horses
  • as a natural energy supplier for weak, feeble horses
  • for horses during strenuous athletic work
  • for horses sensitive to dust
  • to promote an intact digestion
  • to promote healthy and strong chewing teeth

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