marstall Wiesen-Cobs 25kg
marstall Wiesen-Cobs 25kg

marstall Wiesen-Cobs 25kg

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Rising* of permanent grassland (dried pelleted) (100 %) consisting of over 50 different herbs and grasses:German Ryegrass, Cocksfoot, Tall Fescue, Red Fescue, Welsh Ryegrass, Timothy, Meadow Fescue, Red Clover, White Clover, Meadow Ryegrass, Smooth Oats, Golden Oats, Yearling Ryegrass, clover, meadow foxtail, red bunchgrass, alexandrine clover, common plantain, chamomile, creeping bentgrass, meadow foamwort, quaking grass, cotton grass, cuckoo flower, ragwort, crested bentgrass, bedstraw, and many others. v. m.*1. growth, cut in bloom, chopped and warm air dried

Ingredients (/kg):

Crude protein 11.00 %, pcv crude protein 46.00 g, crude fat 2.50 %, crude fiber 20.20 %, crude ash 10.60 %, energy (DE) 8.60 MJ/kg, energy (ME) 7.00 MJ/kg, fructan 3.90 %, calcium 0.80 %, phosphorus 0.30 %, sodium 0.30 %, copper 7.80 mg, zinc 30.00 mg, selenium 0.10 mg,

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