marstall Wiesenfasern 15kg
marstall Wiesenfasern 15kg

marstall Wiesenfasern 15kg

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marstall Wiesenfasern 15kg is a natural roughage consisting of gently warm air dried herbs and grasses from species-rich natural meadows from the Allgäu region.


  • Made from over 50 different herbs and grasses
  • low in protein
  • low in fructan
  • no cobs- no soaking/no swelling times necessary!
  • cleaned several times
  • with ideal Ca
  • natural
  • without any additives (no oil, no molasses, no additives)
  • practically transportable
  • rich in crude fiber
  • gently warm air dried
  • low dust
  • from the best, species-rich highland natural meadows from the Allgäu region
  • Meadow fibers from the 1st growth (late cut in the bloom)

marstall meadow fibers 15kg is particularly suitable:

  • as a low-calorie trough / occupation fodder
  • as a partial supplement to the basic feed ration to improve the quality of the hay
  • as a daily, purchase-promoting "handful" structure under the concentrated feed
  • as a complete or partial hay substitute
  • for horses with chewing problems
  • for tournaments and travel
  • for older horses and hay allergy sufferers
  • when soaking cobs (e.g. in winter) is not practical
  • for moist or dry feeding
  • to enhance the quality of hay

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