Mühldorfer Masculine E 0.75kg

Mühldorfer Masculine E 0.75kg

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Mühldorfer Masculine E is a feed supplement for optimizing the muscle metabolism of horses. The contained vitamin- E- and selenium- complexes contribute decisively to the improvement of muscle metabolism and as cell-protecting antioxidants they strengthen resistance and improve performance and regeneration of your horse.


  • prevents deficient oxygen supply and cell membrane damage
  • prevents vitamin E and selenium deficiency
  • replenishes empty nutrient depots sustainably
  • for cell and epithelium protection
  • provides antioxidant radical scavengers
  • with dextrose
  • ensures relaxed and strong muscles
  • improves performance, relaxation and regeneration
  • Vitamin E and selenium concentrate

Mühldorfer Masculine E is especially suitable for

  • for increased muscle work
  • for higher performance
  • to supply, strengthen and optimize muscle metabolism
  • for the prevention of deficiency symptoms

This supplementary feed may only be given to horses and according to feeding instructions!

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