Nösenberger Mönchspfeffer 0,35kg

Nösenberger Mönchspfeffer 0,35kg

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Nösenberger Mönchspfeffer is a feed for horses that can help optimize hormonal balance. In mares, monk's pepper can regulate the cycle and mitigate overexcitability during the heat. In stallions, it can reduce libido. Monk's pepper may also provide symptom relief for metabolic disorders such as Equine Cushing's Syndrome (ECS) and Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).


  • Made from 100% monk's pepper
  • optimizes the hormone balance
  • supports in a natural way

Nösenberger Mönchspfeffer is particularly suitable

  • for stallions to reduce the sex drive
  • for mares with hormonal fluctuations
  • for use in equine Cushing's syndrome and equine metabolic syndrome
  • to increase fertility

Note: Please do not feed to pregnant mares!

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