Nösenberger MSM pur 1kg

Nösenberger MSM pur 1kg

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Nösenberger MSM pur is a high quality supplementary feed to support the joints, ligaments and tendons of horses.


  • promotes the regenerative capacity of the entire organism
  • easy to dose and apply
  • rich in natural sulfur (34%)
  • provides shiny coat and supple skin
  • supports the body's own immune system of horses
  • nutritionally supports the musculoskeletal system including tendons, ligaments and joints
  • has a positive effect on the stability and elasticity of the hooves

Nösenberger MSM pur is particularly suitable

  • as a supplement to the daily feed ration
  • for all horses with a tendency to skin and coat problems
  • for horses whose ligaments, tendons and joints are exposed to high stress due to demanding training

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