Pavo EPlus 3kg

Pavo EPlus 3kg

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Pavo EPlus is a supplement feed specially formulated to counteract muscle over-acidity during vigorous physical exertion.


  • Dextrose ensures rapid bioavailability
  • contains antioxidants to neutralize waste products in the muscles
  • Contains extra magnesium for improved muscle coordination
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • with alfalfa
  • with vegetable oil
  • with wheat bran (regulates the intestines)
  • ensures better condition

Pavo EPlus is especially suitable

  • for horses that are prone to cross-fouling
  • for horses in endurance sport
  • for sport horses
  • before and during heavy exertion
  • for feeding before and after training
  • for the prevention of muscle overacidification

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