Pavo FibreNuggets 20kg

Pavo FibreNuggets 20kg

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Pavo Fibre Nuggets is a roughage substitute with large structure-rich chunks. These consist of a mixture of over 60 different grasses and herbs.


  • 100% pasture grass from theValps with 60 different grasses and herbs.
  • promotes chewing and salivation
  • wonderfully fragrant chunks
  • molasses- and grain-free
  • rich in fiber, natural vitamins and trace elements
  • dust and mold free

Pavo Fibre Nuggets is especially suitable

  • as a roughage substitute
  • also as roughage treat
  • for all horses and ponies
  • for horses that are sensitive to dust or mold
  • for older horses, which have problems with roughage intake due to bad teeth

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