Pavo FibreBeet 15kg

Pavo FibreBeet 15kg

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Pavo FibreBeet is specially formulated for horses and ponies with lagging condition. It is a tasty and carefully formulated combination of SpeediBeet (beet pulp), alfalfa and easily digestible crude fiber from soybeans. The high-quality proteins from the alfalfa make FibreBeet the ideal roughage supplement for lean, thin (sport) horses to get back into good condition. Pavo FibreBeet is grain-free and also has a very low sugar and starch content. It is therefore also ideal for horses with metabolic problems.


  • low starch content
  • low sugar content
  • mix of different fibers

Pavo FibreBeet is particularly suitable:

  • to support the condition
  • to support muscle building

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