Pavo Liga 20kg
Pavo Liga 20kg

Pavo Liga 20kg

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Pavo Liga is a concentrate specially developed for Icelandic horses and other robust breeds, addressing the specific mineral and vitamin needs of these horses.


  • low in protein
  • does not provide too much energy
  • with twice the amount of vitamins and important minerals per kilogram of concentrate
  • with high doses of trace elements needed by robust breeds
  • very tasty

Pavo Liga is particularly suitable

  • also for other "frugal" breeds like Shetland ponies, Haflingers, Fjord horses etc.
  • for pregnant mares and young Icelandic horses in breeding
  • especially for Icelandic horses
  • to supplement hay and haylage

This horse feed from Pavo is guaranteed doping- and animal meal-free and carries the HACCP- Food- certificate, a quality mark for working procedures with the very best quality and guarantee systems.

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