Pavo Podo Grow 20kg

Pavo Podo Grow 20kg

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Pavo Podo Grow is a feed specially designed for young horses from the eighth month of life with the Pavo Podo Supplement, a unique composition of minerals and trace elements that contributes to the optimal development of your foal. Podo Grow supports bone structure.


  • oat-free
  • with all essential minerals and vitamins for healthy growth
  • with essential amino acids
  • with copper, zinc and manganese in organically bound form
  • with alfalfa
  • with added magnesium to support rapid bone growth
  • with more high quality protein for even growth
  • with Podo breeding minerals for optimal bone growth/bone development
  • with improved calcium/phosphorus ratio to stabilize the bone structure during the growth phases
  • palatable

Pavo Podo Grow is especially suitable:

  • for the development of your weaned foal to an adult horse
  • from the eighth to the 30th month of life.

This horse feed from Pavo is guaranteed free of doping and animal meal and carries the HACCP food certificate, a quality mark for working procedures with the very best quality and guarantee systems.

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