Pavo SlobberMash 15kg

Pavo SlobberMash 15kg

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Pavo SlobberMash , when doused with hot water, is a wholesome treat for "in between" and traditionally serves horses as a tasty supplement after surgeries, colic and during coat changes.


  • balanced vitaminization
  • contains neither fragrances nor flavors
  • can completely replace the concentrate ration because it contains all essential vitamins and minerals
  • with pure linseed
  • with a lot of wheat bran for stable digestion
  • absolutely dust-free after preparation
  • very tasty

Pavo SlobberMash is especially suitable

  • for an extra shiny coat
  • for colic horses as well as older horses
  • for horses with bad teeth or a dental anomaly
  • for horses for regeneration after digestive problems
  • for quick recovery after a big effort

Pavo horse feed is guaranteed to be free of doping and meat-and-bone meal and is HACCP food certified, a quality mark for working procedures with the very best quality and guarantee systems.

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