Pavo SpeediBeet 15kg

Pavo SpeediBeet 15kg

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Pavo SpeediBeet is a tasty supplementary feed for horses that, thanks to its low sugar content, is especially suitable as a source of energy for horses sensitive to metabolism.


  • offers high-quality crude fiber with a prebiotic effect
  • does not contain added vitamins and minerals
  • flakes
  • slowly releases energy
  • produced in a patented manufacturing process (micronizing)
  • can be fed after only 10 minutes soaking time
  • delicious
  • free of molasses
  • with a high content of soluble fiber (easier to digest than hay)
  • with low sugar content of only 5
  • with very low sugar content
  • starch-free
  • supports healthy intestinal function
  • is recommended by the Laminitis Trust
  • Sugar beet pulp

Pavo SpeediBeet is particularly suitable:

  • in case of EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome), insulin resistance
  • in the case of condition deficiencies
  • for daily feeding of all horses
  • for horses prone to laminitis (laminitis)
  • for difficult feeders
  • for seniors with poor dentition, partly as roughage substitute
  • for sport horses as slowly released energy, moisture supply in the digestive tract

Note: If you feed your horse only SpeediBeet with roughage, then the addition of a mineral feed is useful, such as Pavo SummerFit or Pavo VitalComplete. Attention: Pavo SpeediBeet must never be fed dry. Always keep it in a sealed container so that free-roaming horses cannot eat it.

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