Ahlbrand Pferde Menue 20KG

Ahlbrand Pferde Menue 20KG

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For particularly high demands

Our Premium Horse Muesli is the optimal supplement to roughage. It has been developed especially for the high demands of foals, broodmares, stallions and sport horses.

The quality of our raw materials is our top priority

This concentrate is equipped with only high-quality raw materials. It is not only particularly tasty, but has a number of components that are easily digestible for the gastrointestinal system. Unnecessary fillers were deliberately omitted in order to generate a lot of quality over little feed. Highly digestible components thus also allow foals and mares to be fed together.

Available energy

The intake of energy sources for maintenance and performance requirements can vary greatly. Besides the basic feed, in which mainly the fiber is the energy supplier, the energy in the concentrated feed comes mainly from the grain. Our horse menu has slow-, medium- and fast-available energy sources in broken down form, so that horses have sufficient strength and endurance even during hard work. To protect the gastric mucosa, we also rely on fat-containing feed components to avoid unnecessarily high amounts of concentrated feed and to relieve the metabolism.

Muscle work needs digestible protein

Linseed cake and soy extraction meal ensure an optimal supply of protein even at maximum performance. If this is partly contained in fresh grass in summer, we supplement the essential amino acids lysine and methionine with our horse menu. In the case of concentrated feed, it is not only the protein content that is important, but above all the digestibility of the amino acids. This determines how much is available to the horse and thus the muscles.

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