St.Hippolyt Beste Jahre 20kg

St.Hippolyt Beste Jahre 20kg

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St.Hippolyt Beste Jahre is a modern, high-fiber and therefore highly digestible vital muesli and the perfect "anti-aging" strategy for older horses.


  • compensates to a certain extent for quality deficiencies in roughage
  • with particularly high vital substance and trace element density
  • with a large variety of herbs
  • with a high proportion of intact crude fiber
  • with oleaginous fruits
  • low grain content, only 3 % oat flakes
  • nourishing and at the same time particularly digestible
  • rich in high quality cold pressed oils

St.Hippolyt Beste Jahre is particularly suitable

  • for horses prone to colic
  • for sensitive and older horses
  • to counteract age-related nutrient deficiencies
  • for gentle refeeding of emaciated horses

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