St.Hippolyt Equigard 20kg

St.Hippolyt Equigard 20kg

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St.Hippolyt Equigard is an energy-adapted fiber muesli without cereals, specially developed for horses prone to EMS and other metabolic disorders.


  • Contains approx. 80% less starch and sugar than oats
  • grain-free
  • high volume with low energy density
  • with a balanced quantity ratio of functional micronutrients
  • with herbs, algae, oils and oleaginous fruits
  • with valuable omega-3 fatty acids
  • rich in low-glycemic fibers
  • special mineralization for stabilization of carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • stabilizes the insulin function
  • low in starch and sugar

St.Hippolyt Equigard is particularly suitable

  • as a standing feed
  • for a low-starch and low-energy diet
  • for horses with laminitis, muscle diseases such as tying up, PSSM and rhabdomyolysis, as well as Cushing's syndrome and gastric ulcers
  • for the prevention of the "Equine Metabolic Syndrome" (EMS)

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