St.Hippolyt Gemüse-Kräuter-Mineralien 10kg

St.Hippolyt Gemüse-Kräuter-Mineralien 10kg

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St.Hippolyt Gemüse Kräuter Mineralien is an ideal mineral feed for breeding and to compensate for unbalanced calcium-phosphorus ratios in the feed due to high amounts of cereals. St. Hippolyt Gemüse Kräuter Mineralien contains all important minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids in need of supplementation in biologically effective dosages and coordinated proportions.


  • all ingredients are safely balanced with distance from overdosing (especially "critical" substances such as A- and D- vitamins, selenium)
  • based on natural carbonic algal lime
  • high calcium content
  • high mineral content
  • with dried vegetables and whole sea salt*.
  • with vital and nutritious ingredients
  • tasty
  • dried fruits, sprouts and herbs improve palatability and absorption of minerals and active ingredients

St.Hippolyt Vegetable Herbs Minerals is particularly suitable

  • for rearing young horses
  • for breeding
  • for horses fed with high amounts of cereals
  • for pregnant or lactating mares
  • for balancing the calcium/phosphorus ratio

* Whole sea salt contains other minerals important for the body such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements such as iodine, fluorine, iron and zinc.

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