St.Hippolyt Glyx Mash 15kg

St.Hippolyt Glyx Mash 15kg

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St.Hippolyt Glyx Mash is a special type of mash that has a low-glycemic index, making it particularly suitable for starch-reduced feeding.


  • selected aromatic herbs support the digestive processes
  • gluten and molasses free
  • reduced sugar and starch content
  • contributes to the rehamonization of the intestinal function
  • versatile in use
  • has a detoxifying effect
  • can be added to the daily feed ration

St.Hippolyt Glyx Mash is particularly suitable

  • for a fast regeneration after strenuous work and illnesses
  • for horses that are at risk of colic or have already had one or more colic episodes
  • for horses with feed allergies
  • during the change of coat
  • for feeding during convalescence after digestive diseases

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