St.Hippolyt Irish Mash 15kg

St.Hippolyt Irish Mash 15kg

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St.Hippolyt Irish Mash is a traditional dietary supplementary feed, which has been revised by St Hippolyt according to the latest nutritional findings. The aim of the recipe is to provide a tasty and low grain ready mix to stimulate digestion and metabolism.


  • purifies the digestive tract
  • short swelling time
  • with finest malt extract, selected herbs, brewer's yeast and enzyme-rich fermenting cereals
  • with yellow linseed gently broken down in a special process
  • low starch content
  • digestive with herbs
  • stimulates appetite and digestion
  • extremely tasty

St.Hippolyt Irish Mash is especially suitable

  • with chewing problems
  • for standing days, in the change of coat or after illnesses
  • for regeneration after competitions, mating and foal births

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