Tocks-Cobs 25kg
Tocks-Cobs 25kg

Tocks-Cobs 25kg

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The ideal hay substitute! No more annoying soaking of hay. Simply replace the hay ration with the tasty Tocks-Cobs.

  • Very tasty and therefore are eaten with pleasure.
  • Meet the chewing needs of horses.
  • at the same time provide valuable carotene
  • require little storage space
  • easy to handle in feeding
  • are ideally suited for competition sport, as Tocks-Cobs are easy and clean to transport.
  • Due to their pellet form, Tocks-Cobs are low in dust and prevent coughing and damping off.
  • They are also suitable for all other animal species that require roughage.

Short info

Green forage is mown at the optimum time and dried in a gentle warm air process. The dried material is then pressed into cobs while maintaining a roughage structure suitable for horses.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 10%, crude fiber 25%, crude ash 7.5%, crude fat 2.1%

These data correspond to average values, small natural deviations are possible.

Feeding advice

per 100 kg live weight approx. 1.0 kg to 1.5 kg per day

Packaging unit

25 kg bag

Practical tip

Our Tocks-Cobs do not need to be soaked. If you still want to do this, try our Senior Express, it is much faster.

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