Marstall Turnier 20kg

Marstall Turnier 20kg

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marstall Turnier is a rich and fully thought-out complete power muesli for sport horses that need energy reserves that can be called up quickly and are easily digestible during training and competitions.


  • completely performance-adapted vitamin and mineral mix
  • supplies high-quality amino acids
  • with high oat content
  • with long-term available energy via barley and corn
  • with fast available energy
  • with special magnesium and vitamin E combination
  • with trace elements and electrolytes
  • with a lot of hydrothermally digested cereals

marstall Turnier is particularly suitable

  • for sport horses with high performance requirements
  • to ensure full vital depots in the organism
  • to improve concentration and the ability to regenerate after exertion

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